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Hi there and welcome

Hello and welcome to the Carlisle Canoe Club web site. The aim of this site is to be an information base both for club members and people who are new to the club or canoeing. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you are new to the club site then the About the Club section is a good place to find more out about the club.

If you are interested in starting paddling the Getting Started provides an outline of what to do.

Members, and others, check out the club Calendar for upcoming events.

What is a Club Trip

A recent discussion has highlighted to the club committee that some confusion may exist, particularly with non-paddling parents, in differentiating between club sponsored trips and those trips organised between individual paddlers.

What are invasive species?

What are aquatic invasive species?

 The Signal Crayfish on the right above is an invasive species, not to be confused with our native Crayfish on the left of the picture above                                                                                                                                                                                           

Signal crayfish in the River Caldew - Stop the spread

First Aid requirements

Since the the recent issue of Code, some confusion has existed regarding the new Coaching First Aid training requirements. The following is the definitive list, until it gets changed again!

When trip's are cancelled due lack of surf, what creates good surf?

Sadly surf trips can be  cancelled because of a lack of surf.

Like all things related to weather forecasting, predicting surf well in advance is not easy, however you can look up surf prediction tables on the River Level page of the website.

The question is “What creates good surf?”

 Two main factors affect if the surf will be good:-

Signal Crayfish found in the Derwent Catchment

Signal Crayfish found in the Derwent Catchment!! A member of the public has reported to the Environment Agency in Penrith seeing a crayfish in the St Johns Beck (Derwent Catchment) near Threlkeld. No crayfish (native or non-native) were previously known to occur in this catchment. Environment Agency staff from fisheries and FRB (Fisheries, Recreation and Biodiversity) have confirmed that non-native signal crayfish are present.

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