Service of youth canoeing group formed 1959 Constitution

1. The Name

1. The Club shall be called the Carlisle Canoe Club.


2. Objects

a. The object of the Club is to arrange canoeing meets and to afford other opportunities for youth to meet and exchange and collect information


3. Membership

a. Membership is open to all who are interested in canoeing and can swim


4. . British Canoeing

a. The club shall be affiliated member of the British Canoeing which is the National Governing Body for the sport of canoeing in the United Kingdom


5. Classes of Membership

a. 5.1. Adult Membership

b. 5.2. Youth Membership under 16

c. 5.3. Family membership - one adult and one youth


6. Subscriptions

a. In all cases subscriptions are payable in advance on 1st April annually and will cover 12 months to 31st March of the following year

b. Arrears

c. Any member whose subscription is in arrears by 1st June shall be deemed to have resigned the Club


7. Complaints

a. In the event of a complaint being made that the conduct of any member is detrimental to the interest of the Club, the Committee may expel such a member without assigning a reason but shall refund the current subscription


8. Liability

i. All persons taking part in Club meets do so as individuals and the Club shall not be responsible for any injury they may sustain or damage they may cause


9. Officers and Committee

a. The Committee shall consist of Secretary, Vice Chairman Chairman and Treasurer plus 4 other members. All to be elected at the A.G.M

b. All Committee other than youth representatives to be adults

c. The Committee shall have full control over funds and management of the Club and the interpretation of the rules and shall fill any office that may fall vacant pending the next General Meeting and may co-opt other members to their numbers

d. No officer of the club, being the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary may hold that position for more than 3 consecutive years. At the end of which they must stand down and not stand for re-election for at least 12 months


10. Annual General Meeting

a. This shall be held between the months of September and December Annually to receive the report and accounts of the retiring Committee and to elect officers and committee members for the ensuing year.

b. A special General Meeting shall be called by the Committee whenever it is deemed necessary or shall be called be the Secretary within 21 days of receiving notice in writing signed by 10 members requiring such a meeting. Seven days notice shall be given to every member of any General Meeting

c. Voting at General Meeting is restricted to Adult Members in accordance with British Canoeing procedures

11. Interpretation of the Rules

a. Any matter not covered in these rules shall be determined by the Committee with reference to more detailed rules of the British Canoeing. The decision of the Committee is final.

12. Termination of the Club

a. The Club shall not be terminated except by a resolution of a special General Meeting convened for the purpose and in such event any surplus assets shall be handed over to a charity determined at the meeting

13. Alteration of the Rules

a. These rules shall only be altered at a General Meeting after due notice has bee given to every member that alteration of the rules is to be considered at such meeting


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