Getting Started For Beginners

We know it can be intimidating taking your first step into a new hobby, but there’s nothing to worry about, this is going to be fun! Take your worries away by taking part in a Taster session including the British Canoeing Start Award, this session costs £10 per person and introduces you to the basics including an enjoyable practical session. See our Awards page for further information on the British Canoeing Start Award, and also other Awards that you can progress towards.


Spaces are limited so you need to pre-book onto one of our Start Award / Taster sessions. The sessions run from April to September on a Tuesday evening between 1800hrs & 2000hrs. If you cannot manage a Tuesday, don’t be put off, as it may be possible to make arrangements for you to attend a Thursday evening session instead. To start the booking process contact our club by going to the  Contact Us page . 


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Information For Beginners

What Happens Next

After contacting us to start the booking process you will receive an email with a link to the Start Award / Taster session registration form. Complete this form and submit it then follow up with payment of £10 per person, preferably to the clubs account detailed on the registration form. This fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from your membership fee if you join the club after your session. 

Once we receive your registration form we will be in touch to schedule a session.

Please be patient as the weather and availability of coaches can influence how soon we can schedule your session.

Boats and Equipment

If you are a beginner it is assumed that you will not have any equipment of your own. The Club has suitable equipment for you to borrow, to include boats, buoyancy aids, paddles and helmets.
Please be sure to arrive at the Club in good time before the beginning of your Start Award / Taster session so that you can be fitted out with equipment that is appropriate to your size.


What To Wear

If you do not already own specialist paddling gear, then follow these simple guidelines: 

Go for multiple thin layers of tight fitting sports clothes.

You need to avoid cotton and denim clothes as these materials hold water and make you cold.  Manmade fibres and wool are the materials of choice.  As a minimum you need a warm top, trousers and pair of old thin trainers that you don’t mind getting wet, together with a cheap lightweight waterproof jacket to keep the wind off.  If you have a pair of neoprene or plastic beach shoes they will be fine too. If you have a wet suit, that’s fine but you still need a lightweight waterproof jacket on top to stop the wind. Long John type wet suits without arms are more suitable for paddling. 

Most importantly, bring a towel and a change of clothes as you will probably get wet. 
Obviously everyone is different and you need to choose the number of layers that suit your own body and will keep you warm enough taking into account the prevailing weather.

If you still have any questions after reading this page please  contact us by going to our Contact Us page