Canoeing is an assumed risk sport and if you are not prepared to accept your share of that risk,  then maybe canoeing is not the sport for you or your children.
Serious injury & loss of life are both risks which are associated with canoeing;  through the implementation of safeguards and simple warnings the club seeks to minimize these risks.
We work to ensure that those taking part in canoeing are able to do so, protected and safe from harm,  while they are involved in club activities.
This is particularly so in respect of children or vulnerable adults. We will do our best to ensure that all club equipment is safe and properly maintained  Or replaced when necessary.  We do not allow anyone to go on the water without suitable equipment  please accept the coaches judgement of the suitability of your equipment. 
We encourage anyone involved with the club to share the responsibility for each other’s safety  (many eyes may spot something going wrong don't wait for someone else to raise the alarm)
We encourage members to gain British Canoeing qualifications and therefore be kept up to date on the best practices, both from a safety stance and safe coaching methods.  Our coaches are checked with the DBS as appropriate.