Health & Safety Policy

Every member of the Club has an individual responsibility to behave sensibly, act with common-sense and co-operate with the operating and safety guidelines issued by the Club, to keep up to date with policy changes and develop a ‘safety aware’ culture at the Club.

Paddlesports are assumed risk sports. These risks include serious injury & loss of life and whilst the Club works hard, through the implementation of safeguards and simple warnings, to minimise the risks associated with taking part, participants must be prepared to accept their share of that risk and contribute positively to reducing it. 
 A simple safeguard is pre paddle safety briefing, which should be carried out by a coach or leader prior to all club activity. 
The club recognises its duty of care for those attending and visiting the club. We work to ensure that those taking part in paddlesport are able to do so, protected and safe from harm, while they are involved in club activities. This is particularly so in respect of children or vulnerable adults. 

The Club does its best to ensure that all club equipment is safe and properly maintained or replaced when necessary.  The Club does not allow anyone to go on the water without suitable equipment. Please accept the coaches’ judgement of the suitability of your equipment.  
The Club encourages anyone involved with the Club to share the responsibility for each other’s safety (Many eyes may spot something going wrong. Don't wait for someone else to raise the alarm) 
The Club encourages members to gain British Canoeing qualifications and therefore be kept up to date on the latest best practices, both from a safety perspective and safe coaching methods.  Our Coaches are checked through the DBS process. 

Despite adopting a positive attitudue to safety however, from time to time accidents/injuries do happen. For this reason, the club has an accident book which can be found on the filing cabinet in the Club House. Any accident or injury sustained during club related activity should be recorded in the book and reported to the Club Health and Safety Officer who will ensure that significant reports are also recorded into the British Canoeing online accident/injury reporting portal.