River Levels

CCC members frequently paddle local rivers when water levels are high enough. Rivers with larger catchment areas Eden, Nith, Lune, (Kent) stay paddleable longer after rain, the rest rise and fall quickly.

Information about river levels can be found for Scottish rivers at – www.canoescotland.org/go-paddling/wheres-the-water , and have links to the SEPA web site for graphs which indicate trends in water levels.

Information about river levels can be found for British rivers at – www.rainchasers.com/river-levels , both sites have useful colour coded level indications and River difficulty grading, links to guides, maps and etc.

It is important to note that recorded levels are not live but registered 2 or3 times a day, so the recorded level of the ESK all morning is that of at around 6-7am. So noting the trends in level is important and rain radar sites can be useful in predicting levels www.rainchasers.com/rain-radar and www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/observation/rainfall-radar#?

Finally there are increasing numbers of webcams being set up at river sites and on surf beaches for surfers and sea paddlers. Destination +webcam in your browser is a good way to start finding them eg Annan webcam, Eden webcam.

The River Eden

The River Eden is used by the club for training around the sands, below is a level gauge for the Eden. 

For Sands sessions in Winter/Saturday mornings and Summer/Tuesday &Thursday evenings there has not been a time to cancel sessions because of low water.

Near 2 m on the Sands Centre river level gauge the river is high and flat.

At 1.7m there are big waves challenging to more experienced paddlers.

Below 1.5m there are eddies for less experienced paddlers to practice safely-ish.

For beginners the coaches on duty would make a call whether to go on the water or not.