Normal Operating Procedure

The following procedures apply to ensure the smooth and safe running of the Club.
A safety briefing should be carried out by a Coach or Leader prior to all Club activity.
Helmets are to be worn when involved in all moving water activity.

Helmets are optional on lakes, etc.
Buoyancy Aids must be worn whenever on the water or assisting from the bank.
Shoes must be worn at all times when paddling.
The Club First Aid kit should be kept on the cabinet in the Club house and checked to ensure it complete and in good order every 6 months. If something is used from the kit it should be replaced immediately and an invoice for reimbursement presented to the Treasurer.
On Club trips a First Aid Kit should be carried by at least one of the Coaches/Leaders. 
Individual Club members are encouraged to carry their own personal First Aid Kits.
A phone or other method of communication should be available to a Coach or Leader of all Club trips or sessions.
At Club coaching sessions the Club will operate at a ratio of 8 to 1 Coach,
this ratio may be varied with the support of experienced paddlers and an assessment of the prevailing conditions.
Before going on the water for a Club activity members should submit an electronic "sign on the water" form to register their participation. Members can submit forms for others if required. 
On return from the Club activity members should use the electronic "sign off the water" form. Damaged or lost equipment can be reported through the form at that time.
Individual members are responsible for checking their own personal equipment and equipment borrowed from the Club before use, problems to be reported to the Coach in charge of the activity and through the "sign off" form.
Club equipment is subject to a twice yearly audit and safety / operation check and replaced or repaired if found to be faulty.
If Club equipment is used it must be put away tidily after use, using the appropriate numbered peg where applicable. Boats should be hosed clean and drained before putting away.
Accidents/injuries must be entered into the Club Accident/Injury book which can be found on the filing cabinet in the Club House. Any accident or injury sustained during Club related activity should be recorded in the book and reported to the Club Health and Safety Officer who will ensure that significant reports are also recorded into the British Canoeing online accident/injury reporting portal.
When involved in a Club activity no paddler should get on the water without permission of the Coach responsible for the activity.

Equipment can be used for trips outside of Club sessions by current members and guests of members but must be authorised by a Committee member via the “Kit Sign Out” eform. Members borrowing kit remain responsible for its safe return.