In addition to the clubs Code of Contact, Safety policy and Child Protection policy,  the following procedures apply to ensure the smooth and safe running of the club.
 Helmets to be worn when involved in all moving water activity. Helmets are optional on lakes, etc.
 Buoyancy Aids must be worn whenever on the water or assisting from the bank
 Shoes must be worn at all times when paddling
 The club First Aid kit should be kept on the cabinet in the club house  and checked to ensure it complete and in good order every 6 months.  If something is used from the kit it should be replaced immediately and an  invoice for reimbursement presented to the Treasurer On club trips a First Aid Kit should be carried by one of the coaches.  Individual members are encouraged to carry their own personal First Aid Kit
A phone or other method of communication should be available  to a coach or leader of all club trips or sessions At club coaching sessions the club will operate at a ratio of 8 to 1 coach;  this ratio may be varied with the support of experienced paddlers and the conditions applying
 Before going the water for a club activity members should  complete the register in the club house as appropriate. 
 On return from the club activity they should mark themselves off the water.
 Individual members are responsible for checking their own personal equipment and equipment borrowed from the club before use, problems to be reported to the coach in charge of the activity. 
 In any event the club will check its equipment at least once a year  and replace or repair equipment found to be faulty. If club equipment is used it must be put away tidily after use,  using the appropriate numbered peg where applicable. Boats should be drained before putting away.
When involved in a club activity no paddler should get on the water without  permission of the coach responsible for the activity.
Guidelines may be varied by the coach responsible for a given activity taking into account the circumstances and capability of paddlers involved at the time.